Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm baaaack!

So hello again! I've been gone from the blogging scene for a long time. I've rediscovered our blog today and I even found a post that I never posted. Real quick, here are a few updates:
  • We moved to a new, bigger yet affordable place and we love it! We are still in Provo, just on a different side. We are still unpacking... it's taking us quite some time, but we're excited to have our place set up soon.
  • Andrew graduated in April and we are looking forward to what life has in store for us next (whatever that may be...). He's taken more hours at work and getting ready to go through the whole starting school again. He's going to get a masters online which will provide all of us with some flexibility. He's enjoying his time off, though. Today was the first time he shaved in about 2 weeks... he's liking the whole not having to shave for class thing.
  • Jackson is now 16 mos and he is quite the active little guy. He's very curious and likes exploring, even things that he shouldn't. He's into biting most recently, and man, does that boy have some chompers on him! He's very loving and cuddles more than most kids I know his age. He can give kisses, well, kind of... he knows that you put your mouth on someone's cheek. He doesn't quite understand that he needs to close his mouth. He's a cutie and we adore him!
  • I'm going to school full time, yay me! I'm actually enjoying my classes, but they're tough. That is what my life mostly consists of, school and home, but it's good, I'm busy and I like it. Next week, I get to take a little break and go on a little vacation with Eliza. I'm really looking forward to it, and it'll be really good see her. It's been a while.

Here are some old pics from the old entry I found. These are from my birthday and Halloween. I know they're old, but Enjoy!


Lester Family said...

yeah! glad to hear from you. cute pics. i have some great ones of your boy check out my blog in the next couple of days,

Laura Perkins said...

Keep the pictures coming! He is so adorable and I love seeing him in his costume.

hsjones said...

brilliant! i've been a rare visitor to blogging lately too. have been having a moment on design blogs this a.m. and had the thought to check your blog outoftheblue! LOVE the happygorgeous jacksonian pics. xoxo